Credit Repair Short and Full Reporting

A growing source of conflict for the insurance industry in recent years has been that of credit repair.

TCF’s answer to assisting our clients to resolve this conflict is with our Credit Repair Report (CRR).

Our CRR report has two service levels for our instructing clients, a short report and a full report, allowing them all of the flexibility they need to approach the credit repair issue on a case-by-case basis.


TCF follow largely the same methodology in obtaining comparative hourly labour rate charges for repairs carried out to vehicles under credit repair schemes as they do in their Basic Hire Rates comparisons.

Once again, TCF will apply their mystery shopper approach identifying the claimant’s circumstances and mirroring this through a cold call enquiry to the actual credit repairer to obtain a directly comparable rate to that being charged.

As with TCF’s flagship BHR service, a search is then conducted.

Ordinarily a basic search of ‘car body repairs in (Claimants location)’ is used and TCF’s rates collator will work their way one by one down the results contacting each company in order until the two additional comparison rates have been obtained.

Alternatively, if the vehicle was repaired at a main dealer, a search will be conducted via the car company’s website to obtain rates from closest approved main dealer repair workshops, once again, working their way down the list until the instructed number of rates have been obtained.

Telephone call recordings are made readily available to our instructing clients upon request, allowing for a seamless and transparent auditing process.

Full Report

If a more robust statement is required for formal negotiations or a case is litigated, we can either upgrade our clients short report or complete a full report from the outset. Our full CRR report has the added protection of TCF’s fully CPR compliant witness statement and can therefore be utilised at court and thus attracts an increased cost, however, the cost of a short report will be deducted from the final invoice if a report is upgraded at a later date. What is included :

  • Witness Statement
  • Instruction Summary
  • Credit Repair Rate Summary
  • Comparison Costing Graph
  • Search Summary
  • 3 x Credit repair Rate Quotations
  • Supporting Digital Call Recordings upon request

Short Report

When instructed on a short report, the results obtained through the methodology as stated above are presented in a simple, easy to read two page report which can be used for negotiation purposes at the early stages of a claim at a reduced cost.

  • Instruction Summary
  • Credit Repair rate Summary
  • Comparison Costing Graph
  • 3 x Credit repair Rate Quotations
  • Supporting Digital Call Recordings upon request


TCF’s standard turnaround is 8 working days, however, reports can be completed in as little as 24 hours if required at additional cost. Please contact us if you would like to receive an example report and pricing.

Our Services


TCF offer a transparent, tried and tested methodology in providing our flagship full and short BHR reports.


A proven track record of providing rates evidence for taxis, offering full, short-form and CPR short reports.


Rates evidence on pretty much everything; from vans, tractors and trailers to caravans and quad bikes.


Our experienced team are fully versed in the process of attending court hearings and giving evidence under oath. 


TCF delivers outsourced, fully independent, credit repair evidence with CPR compliant witness statements.

Partnership Opportunities

TCF are always keen to hear from claims management and data mining companies in the credit hire industry who are interested in partnering with us to provide enhanced BHR solutions.

Contact Us

Want to get the ball rolling? Drop our team a quick email and we will be back to you with further information immediately after.

TCF - Our Standards

Rigorous Training Programme

TCF staff are put through a rigorous training programme to ensure industry compliance and to ensure our core standards are maintained.

Senior Management Auditing

TCF operate a 100% audit system whereby members of the senior management team audit every report before it is sent to our instructing client.

Time Stamped - No Alterations

All screen grabs are time and date stamped with no member of the credit hire team including senior management having the ability to alter their work stations time and date settings.

Clients Free To Audit TCF

Instructing clients are free to audit TCF as often as they require and also by whatever means suits them best whether that be by a site visit, a remote audit or collating the information to be audited by a third party of their choice.