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Reliable, Reputable, Approachable, Accountable

Based in East Sussex, TCF Corporate Ltd is a fully independent, privately-owned and impartial company which provides rates evidence solutions and investigation services to the CHO, Insurance and legal industries.

Responding directly to some of the motor insurance industry’s biggest headaches, TCF deliver unique rates evidence solutions with open book integrity.

Developed and refined over years of professional industry consultation with its clients requiring impartial ‘true to life’ solutions, our high speed BHR Service utilises a ‘Mystery Shopper’ approach adopting the very best cognitive practices by identifying the claimant’s exact circumstances and mirroring this through detailed enquiries. Whether Insurer or CHO, the need for impartial, reliable, and genuine reporting is a must to sustain integrity and good faith for all parties.

TCF provide BHR solutions from fully CPR compliant witness statements offering unparalleled robustness to our clients, through to data screening services, speedy internet reports as well as catering for Taxi’s and the weird and wonderful bespoke machinery such as tractors and trailers.

The integrity of the evidence we provide is always our focus and as such, our fully transparent auditable work ethic keeps us in line with today’s compliance standards.

Quality Control remains second-nature and our commitment to a policy of 100% in-house auditing ensures client safety and confidence in all areas of our services resulting in high-quality reliable evidence every time.

Over the last 10 years, TCF have earned the reputation of being ‘THE’ safe set of hands when it comes to robust, reliable, and more importantly accountable rates provision. Whether off the shelf OR tailor made to suit bespoke customer requirements, you’ll find TCF approachable whilst delivering total customer satisfaction at every junction.


TCF - Our Standards

Rigorous Training Programme

TCF staff are put through a rigorous training programme to ensure industry compliance and to ensure our core standards are maintained.

Senior Management Auditing

TCF operate a 100% audit system whereby members of the senior management team audit every report before it is sent to our instructing client.

Time Stamped - No Alterations

All screen grabs are time and date stamped with no member of the credit hire team including senior management having the ability to alter their work stations time and date settings.

Clients Free To Audit TCF

Instructing clients are free to audit TCF as often as they require and also by whatever means suits them best whether that be by a site visit, a remote audit or collating the information to be audited by a third party of their choice.


TCF offer a transparent, tried and tested methodology in providing our flagship full and short BHR reports.


A proven track record of providing rates evidence for taxis, offering full, short-form and CPR short reports.


Rates evidence on pretty much everything; from vans, tractors and trailers to caravans and quad bikes.


Our experienced team are fully versed in the process of attending court hearings and giving evidence under oath. 


TCF delivers outsourced, fully independent, credit repair evidence with CPR compliant witness statements.

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